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Brady, Ulster – An Illustrated History.

Brady, Ulster - An Illustrated History.

Brady, C. (Editor) / O’Dowd, M. (Editor) / Walker, B. (Editor). Ulster – An Illustrated History. London, B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1989. 14 cm x 22 cm. 256 pages. With many photographs and maps. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. Clean inside with solid binding.

Includes the following: Foreword by J.C. Beckett / Ulster before the Normans: ancient myth and early history Charles Doherty / Lordships and invasions: Ulster, 1177-1500 T.E. McNeill / Sixteenth-century Ulster and the failure of Tudor reform Ciaran Brady / Continuity and change: Ulster in the seventeenth century Raymond Gillespie / The political economy of linen: Ulster in the eighteenth century W. H. Crawford / Ulster society and politics, 1801-1921 Brian Walker / Northern Ireland: from birth pangs to disintegration, 1920-1972 Eamon Phoenix / Living with the troubles: Northern Ireland since 1972 David Harkness.

″During the present century, ‘Ulster’ has come to signify the six counties of present-day Northern Ireland. Historic Ulster, however was one of the four provinces of Ireland embracing in addition the counties of Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan. This concise account traces the long and varied history of the region, from the pre-Norman Celtic period to the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1986.

While Ulster through the centuries has in many ways developed in accordance with general Irish social, political and economic trends, it has also been subject to a number of special factors – Scots immigration, religious differences, the growth of its own distinctive industrial base – which have increasingly set it apart from the rest of the island. As a result, the history of the province is both intellectually problematic and politcally controversial.” (Publisher)

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Brady, Ulster An Illustrated History.
Brady, Ulster An Illustrated History.